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Creative technology agencies have the will and expertise to empower social problem solvers to revolutionise their impact. We're here to help the two tribes work together.
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We're a CIC
As a Community Interest Company we're a nonprofit enterprise.

We reinvest 65%+ of our profit back into our community, making it easier for charities, NGOs and social ventures to collaborate with agencies to solve big problems.

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Our founding story
Sam Applebee, Director
"In 2016 the design agency I cofounded set out to do something socially impactful. We failed because we didn't understand the problem we were trying to solve well enough or have access to the right networks.

Meanwhile we could see that charities, NGOs and social impact projects needed creative and technology expertise. Super Global was born to bridge that gap.

We're on a mission to make collaboration between agencies and social ventures so easy that we make ourselves obsolete. We're doing it by building cross-sector relationships and mutual understanding.

Agencies learn social impact on the job. Charities, NGOs and social ventures learn tech. The whole world wins."

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Our resident visionaries help us navigate the path ahead.
Founder of Satalia, Daniel's an internationally recognised expert on the future of AI.
A serial entrepreneur, Nick's cofounder of global creative community Glug.
Giulio is an advisor to governments, NGOs and tech-for-good ventures around the world.
Director of innovation and development at NPC, Tris has 13 years in impact, data and evidence.
Third sector tech & innovation leader Debbie is CEO of the Tech Talent Charter.
Scott Ewings
Veteran agency director Scott has helped establish A-players including ustwo & Fjord.
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