Certification & fees
We assess and certify all our members so our project partners can be confident they're in good hands.
Get certified
Members are assessed on their contribution to our members charter
We take a look at how you work with social sector organisations to set your grade and work out what you need to do to progress. New to social impact work? We'll help you get certified.
Wear it loud and proud
Once certified you'll be able to display your certified badge on your website. Founder members get an exclusive badge. You go, girl!
Membership fees
Members pay a simple annual fee based on their revenue. Pay more if you want to be put forward for projects, or less if you just want to be certified.
Project matching
Certification only
* Pending: New members who haven't yet qualified for certification. Once certified they top-up to the annual fee.
Did you know 65%+ of our profit is reinvested back into our community?
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